Wanted to let you know I had a wonderful nights sleep, best in a long time! No heel pain today either!  Thank you for your excellent service.  Denise D.

"Greyson Henry was born this morning at 3:43 AM...and I know you helped ease him into this world!  I'm so thankful for you and the beautiful work you do!!!"  Haley D.

"You gave me back my shoulder!" JT

"I noticed my shoulders/upper arms were 99% better last night and... this morning!  You truly are a miracle worker...everything you did yesterday was so needed.  Jeanglee T.

"Larger shoe size has made a world of difference towards both feet feeling 100% BETTER!!  Thanks for your recommendation!! Sleeping better. More energy. All has helped towards enjoying my job more. Thanks again!!"  Sherryl V, whose feet measured in my Brannock device a half size larger than she'd been wearing

"...thanks for all the helpful links and bits of information you have sent and/or shared with me. Things that are making a difference in my life. I appreciate you. With gratitude,"
Pat L.

" As I mentioned this morning...after a history of having my legs swell excessively every time I've flown, last week was the first time EVER that my legs did not swell after being on a flight for over 5 hours. I have no doubt this is due to the intensive work you have done for me. I can't thank you enough!" J.T.

“Amazing results! I’m thinking about 90% recovered”  Carol B. 

"At 41 weeks and 5 days pregnant and after trying multiple things to naturally start labor I called Linda. She promptly cleared her personal schedule and came to my home the following (a Sunday) morning. After a nice relaxing treatment Linda gave me some tips on other things, interacted delightfully with my 2 year old daughter and went on her way. A few hours later my water broke in a grocery store parking lot and the following day my son was born at home at 42 weeks gestation after a very quick and relatively easy labor. I highly recommend Linda and would absolutely use her services again."  Sari B.

"I slept like a log & feel mentally & emotionally balanced in a noticeable way; stress just fled my body in treatment yesterday...."  Carla C.

​"Slept well and significant decrease in musculoskeletal pain lasted until PT yesterday!  Wow! Let's schedule again."*  

Deborah B.

clients' feedback about their experience of reflexology with Linda  

​“Just knowing that I had a reflexology appointment with Linda that evening, made my entire day brighter! It was like knowing there was a delectable slice of chocolate cake waiting for me…” Susan A.

“You have great hands.” Sue M.

“I had a fabulous session!” Tracey Z.

“Linda has really good hands, is very intuitive. I would love longer sessions on a regular basis.”  Kathy H.​

​“I feel less tension in my neck…and very relaxed. Awesome, Linda!”*  Laurel N. ​

​“Very relaxing, almost feel asleep. Amazing how the # of ‘pressure points’ around the foot surface are so different (in a good way of releasing stress).”   Susan Z. 

​“Deep relaxation.” Steven N. ​

​“I can’t wait to return. I feel lovely.”  Rosalind B. ​

"I have a pretty long history of both fibromyalgia and chronic back pain, as well as the usual aches and pains associated with “getting older, otherwise known as arthritis. I am pushing 67 years old and Linda’s reflexology treatments have been a godsend to me.  The environment is very soft and relaxing to begin with but her sensitivity and knowledge have been astounding.          Linda’s sensitive hands, training and instinct have always resulted in less general pain.  She eased my shoulder pain (even though I hadn’t mentioned that!) and my back pain was reduced, too. In addition, of course, the relaxing environment relaxed me also. What a blissful experience!
     I love my treatments with Linda and I would recommend her to anyone!"  Marilyn K. ​

​“I was amazed by the continuity of the two sessions! It was as though she knew my feet (my body) and began where the 1st session ended.” 

Colleen W. ​

“Linda’s hands felt very ‘knowing’. I am more relaxed from this than a full –body massage.”   Heidi S.

​"No routine there! Linda has a deep knowledge of mind/bodywork and a subtle accurate palpation technique in her reflexology treatment. Active listener who loves what she is doing, I highly recommend this individualized healing treat!"  Agnes J.

"When I'm on Linda's table, I am SO relaxed and content.  She's got really marvelous touch, and her intuition as to where to focus is uncanny. During the sessions, I've felt sensations in my feet that I've never felt before; like, I had no idea that some of those sensations even existed! When I go for a session, it's such a treat -- a real gift to myself."*  Sallie S.

"As someone with chronic pain (fibromyalgia), I have tried many ways to keep my pain under control.   Reflexology is one of the best ways I have found to manage my pain on an ongoing basis. In addition, reflexology recently helped me recover more quickly from twisting my knee  - I was able to avoid medical visits...."

Sheila R. ​

​"I admit I was hesitant about my first visit to a reflexologist. My feet are so ticklish that I sometimes can't even touch them myself. But Linda can!  I have had three sessions without a moment's discomfort. It was a wonderful experience."  

Andrea S. 

“One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

  Molly G.

 I have suffered from constant foot and ankle pain for two years, I honestly thought there was no hope that I could be pain free.  I have had inserts for my shoes, cortisone shots, nothing worked.  And then I found YOU!  Within two sessions I was no longer feeling constant pain, I do sometimes get pain, but I am not living with it everyday.  When I do get pain, I now know of things I can do to help relive it.  You have shown me exercises and treatments to do at home to make my feet and ankles better, and I am confidant that I will never have to live with constant pain again.  I so appreciate you and your knowledge, you are a blessing. Robin S.

"I haven't felt this good in months. Maybe years. Calm, balanced, pain free..."  Meg S. 

"Linda has a nice confident feeling touch.  I didn't fear being tickled when she began working on me.  My entire session was wonderful and I totally relaxed. I would recommend her without any hesitation." Susan S.

“First time I have been pain free in 2 years!!!! Thank you Linda” Diana D.

​​“It was fantastic”  Lynn S.​