If you have a Health Savings Account, ask if you can apply your reflexology sessions.


Linda Frank, RF, NBCR
WA-State and National Board Certified Reflexologist

Credit cards accepted

Reflexology Gift Certificates Available 

Cancellation policy:  In order for me to fill your cancelled time slot, I request a notice of 48-hours, but understand that sometimes only 24 hours can be given.  24 hours is the minimum for no cancellation fee to be applied. 

I understand that there are circumstances beyond our control such as traffic delay, dire illness or other emergency, and if one of these 11th-hour situations arises, I will consider it on a case by case basis. I want to give everyone a "free pass" for one such emergency.  If more than one appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hour notice, however,  the full fee will be will need to be paid, and paid in full before your next appointment can be booked.    

With 3 offices to serve the Greater South Sound:

  • Federal Way @ Three Trees Yoga & Healing Arts Center, 204 S. 348th St.  Saturday
  • Tacoma  9124 Portland Ave (Midland). Thursday & Friday
  • University Place​ 6922 22nd St. W, off Mildred, 3 blocks from Tacoma Community College.  Tuesday & Wednesday

All sessions are by appointment  

253 576-9541           

 If you prefer to email for your appointment, please allow for 36 hours for a reply:    linda@reflexologyforbetterhealth.com

Photos above of sessions being done using my LaFuma zero-gravity chair

Please be sure to let me know if you have Athlete's Foot or Plantar Warts so I can take the necessary precautions for your, my, and my other clients' safety and health. 

Foot Reflexology in Tacoma, Federal Way & University Place

New clients: $75

55 minutes of reflexology plus 15 minutes reviewing health history and wellness goals. For new clients

with foot pain,  I can also review any materials you might bring such as written diagnostic reports, x-rays, and/or scans.  I am not a medical doctor and can neither diagnose nor prescribe, but these materials are often helpful for me to know where I might avoid working and/or where I might want to focus my work. This session can be applied to the multi-session discount detailed below.

Regular Rates:

             50 minutes (insufficient time for addressing foot-pain)           $65

             60 minutes                                                       $75

             75 minutes                                                                         $90

All of the above times include 5 minutes of health/wellness update.

30 minutes of reflexology are available for children, the infirm elderly, or those with some chronic issues.  Half-hour rate is $40, and is available only at my Tacoma/Midland location unless otherwise agreed upon.

Multi-session Discount:

Package of four 60-minute sessions:                            $70 per session

Package of four 50-minute sessions:                            $60 per session

        ​Packages are typically purchased with a one-time payment for all sessions.  This method gives you more time on the table each session! However, you may work towards a package by paying full rate with cash or check  for each session until the last session of the package when the savings will then be applied. Packages must be used within 4 months time so that you gain maximum benefit of the multiple sessions.

For long-standing health issues, multiple sessions are recommended and generally needed in order to help the body achieve balance.  It is recommended to have sessions no more than maximum of three weeks apart when working towards a goal. 

*First session includes completion-of and review-of an intake form.  Save more time for your session by printing out and completing your intake form prior to your first session (forms will be emailed to you in advance).

For those who might be uncomfortable or unable to have a full session on a massage table, a zero gravity chair is an alternative option (see photo on right).

For all sessions, I recommend loose-fitting slacks that will give me sufficient access to your ankles and lower part of your lower leg.

If the feet cannot be worked on, clients can still benefit from reflexology by having an entire hand reflexology session with optional addition of ear reflexology points.