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     Click hereto read my statement in the News Tribune that reflexology was founded within the US medical system and that it is recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with research funded by NIH. While it's true that many older MD's have little to no awareness of how reflexology can be helpful, 46 top medical schools including Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Duke, UW are now teaching how CAM modalities can be integrated into our current, "allopathic" medical approach


June 13, 2017, Marlene's Natural Foods Market, 2951 S. 38th St, Tacoma, 6:30pm                     TOPIC: Reflexology & Men's Health
Sept 14, 2017, Marlene's, 2565 Gateway Center Plaza, Federal Way 6:30pm 

        TOPIC: Reflexology & Our Immune Systems


May 18, 2017, Marlene's Natural Foods Market in Federal Way.  TOPIC: Reflexology &            Women's Health

Feb 21, 2017  Marlene's Natural Foods Market, Tacoma   TOPIC: Reflexology & Heart              Health

Feb. 9, 2017  Everest College Tacoma, Massage Therapy Program

Jan 19, 2017 Stroke Support Group, Tacid Building at TCC, 6:30-8

September 1, 2016  Multicare Cancer Support Group, in Puyallup 1-2 pm

April 15-17, 2016: Featured presenter on Friday and Sunday at the 28th annual Northwest Women's Show 

January 30, 2016 10-4:  Featured presenter at  South Sound Healthy Living Expo

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2015 at Marlene's Market & Deli Natural Foods in Tacoma

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​​​​COMING SOON for medical professionals:   On-line short introduction to reflexology and useful statistics about the integration of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) 
modalities into mainstream medicine for benefit of patients.



Featured speaker for Reflexology and the Washington Reflexology Association at the Northwest Women's Show

Educating the public about how reflexology may help support heart health for national Heart Health month, February 2017; and about how reflexology may help with men's health during National Men's Health Month June 2017

Educating the public about reflexology and the Washington Reflexology Association with booth and as featured speaker @ South Sound Healthy Living Expo 

One of the things I knew I wanted to do after learning about and experiencing the power of reflexology was to move it further into the mainstream -- including further into mainstream medicine.  I feel fortunate to have several opportunities to do that in recent months, and I look forward to continuing to share reflexology as one of the lesser-known but wonderfully-effective Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) modalities. 

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Featured on cover of 28th Annual Northwest Women's Show program