Professional Qualifications:

National Board Certified Reflexologist (American Reflexology Certification Board [ARCB]).

Highest level diploma from Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center (Advanced Professional Level II, formerly called "Certificate of Mastery").

Hundreds of hours of post-graduate training (see Continuing Education class list below)

Volunteer organizational service:

  • State Delegate to Reflexology Association of America [RAA]
  • Former Vice President of the Washington Reflexology Association [WRA]

Professional member of:

Washington Reflexology Association

Reflexology Association of America
Oregon Reflexology Network
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Tacoma’s first Washington state-licensed Reflexologist under a law enacted in 2013 that aims to stop the human trafficking and other illicit activities practiced by some of the many facilities that have sprung up in recent years proffering low-cost, on the spot "foot massage"* and "reflexology" (one of several stories here about such South Sound foot massage parlors).

Reflexology post-graduate trainings:

The Next Step in Health & Healing Through the Feet with South African Chris Stormer Fryer in Vancouver, WA (October 2017)

Two day intensive in Neuro-Endocrine Integrated Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology with William Flocco, founder of the Integrated method and the American Academy of Reflexology in Los Angeles (June 2017).

Two day intensive with German Naturopathic physician and creator of Reflexotherapy Hanne Marquardt (Mar/Ap 2017, Kilkenny, Ireland). Hanne predominantly teaches her method to doctors, nurses, dentists and physiotherapists since reflexology is often prescribed in Germany.

Third 3-day intensive in the Manzanares Method of reflexology with Dr. Jesus Manzanares, March 2017.  Total # of hours in Manzanares Method to date: 72 Dr. Manzanres has used reflexology for the past 38 years to complement allopathic methods in his medical practice in Barcelona, Spain.

Cadaver anatomy for licensed healthcare practitioners, at Bastyr University with Dr. Rebecca Love (Feb. 2017)

Advanced intensive in reflexology for those with heart conditions with Danish master reflexologists Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen of Touchpoint Advanced Reflexology Workshops (Oct. 2016, Seattle, WA)

Advanced intensive in reflexology for those with hip/knee/sciatica issues with Danish master reflexologists Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen of Touchpoint Advanced Reflexology Workshops  (Oct. 2016, Hood River OR)

2 day training in Pathologies of Feet & Hands with American Academy of Reflexology instructorLisa Chan 

3 day training in Vertical Reflexology Techniques [VRT] with founder Lynne Booth  (Aug. 2016)

2-day intensive in Reflexology Lymph Drainage [RLD] with founder Sally Kay (May 2016)

Two 3-day intensives in the Manzanares Method of reflexology with Dr. Jesus Manzanares (3 days in Nov. 2015; 3 days in May 2016)

2-day intensive for Foot Hand and Ear Reflexology for Stroke, Diabetes, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, and Cardiovascular Diseases with clinical reflexologist Paul Harvey at American Academy of Reflexology (Dec. 2015)

Two 5-hour foot-pain tutorials with Tina Bystrom, RF, NBCR (2015 and 2017)


Advanced ear reflexology training with world-renowned auriculotherapist Dr. Terry Oleson through American Academy of Reflexology (Dec. 2014)

Advanced intensive in reflexology regarding the immune system with Danish master reflexologists Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen of Touchpoint Advanced Reflexology Workshops (Oct. 2014)

4-day hand reflexology intensive withLaura Norman Wellness (March 2015)

Related experience

New York State-licensed Massage Therapist [M.Th] for 12 years

Graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Health in NY [500 hour program]

Reiki Master

Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure certificated practitioner status [250 training hours with founder Iona Teeguarden et al + 125 logged experience hours + practical exams]

Personal journeys

As I practiced massage professionally, I came to see that health was about more than just the physical.  Moved to learn something of the role our minds and emotions play in our wellbeing, I began reading into and taking workshops in various “schools” of psychology:  Gestalt, Hawaiian Huna, the work of Assagioli and Jung, Neurolinguistic Programming [NLP], and more.

When it became clear to me that the physical and psychological/emotional still fell short of wholeness, I journeyed into an immersion of the spiritual aspect of self. I was profoundly impressed by Huna, the ancient psychospiritual system of Hawaii.  In Huna I saw traces of Judaism, Christianity, NLP and other traditions. It was lovely to encounter such a web of interconnections.

I studied Taoism at Vermont College and that moved me to seek a community in which I might engage in meaningful conversation about some of the larger “issues” and mysteries of life.  I found All Souls Unitarian Universalist [UU] church in Manhattan to somewhat fulfill that yearning. 

When I moved to Colorado Springs, I was elected into lay ministry at the UU church there.  I was deeply enriched by the process of putting together and delivering Sunday services when the minister was absent.  Some of those services I conducted solo, and some with a team that consisted of a psychotherapist and a ministerial student.

Simultaneously, I spent a year in studies and services at a Reform Judaism synagogue in The Springs.  I was drawn to Judaism by its call to justice and to mending the world (Tikkun Olam), as well as by what I understood to be an encouragement to question what one was being taught. Fortunately for me, Rabbi Hirsch seemed to love evolving his understanding of “truth” as much as I loved wrestling with and evolving mine.  I had many “aha” moments at the Springs’ Temple Beth El, and I lament in hearing that this profound time-honored tradition isn’t practiced as much nowadays.

After 12 years as a massage professional, I embarked on a new career in publishing sales and management, which enabled me some years later to return to college to finish my Bachelor’s degree. 

Destinations are great, but so are the journeys.

I selected the Evergreen State College for its “seminar” process of deep exploration into -- and discussion of – ideas.   In my final quarter, I took on Evergreen’s offering to engage in an "independent study" of creating one's own course curriculum.  In bi-weekly consultation with Dr. Stephanie Kozick,

I envisioned, wrote, and researched on a subject I called Brain Laterality in Education and Culture.

After graduation, I returned to publishing.  Then the events of September 11, 2001 made weekly commuting by plane onerous and undesirable, and raised in me a desire to learn something of world affairs – a subject I knew less than little about.

That immersion brought me to into the sphere of human and civil rights, and from there into politics,  where I learned that democracy is not something to simply inherit -- but to be actively engaged with for life.  

These are some of the threads that have woven the tapestry of who I am today.

I am so happy to have come full circle back into the realm of Complementary  Medicine -- this time using reflexology as my primary hands-on modality to help myself and others to achieve better health and wholeness with reflexology.

I would like to see reflexology more widely integrated into America’s medical system [25% of all Danes, for example, use reflexology for better health, and in Germany physicians often prescribe reflexology as part of one's treatment], and one of my personal/professional goals is to help make this happen. The fact that our National Institute of Health is funding studies in reflexology for breast cancer and for diabetic neuropathy is an encouraging step in that direction. For those who'd like to introduce their doctors or other medical practitioners to reflexology, I've added a page to this site specifically for Medical Professionals .

I hope you find reflexology as remarkable and powerful as I, and so many others, do.  Please see my“Testimonials”page for some of my clients’ personal experiences with reflexology, and please also visit the “About Reflexology” page on this site for links to some of the hundreds of studies that illustrate how reflexology has helped with a variety of symptoms and conditions.  For a snapshot of reflexology research, click on the drop-down tab titled  "Research Highlights".

All sessions at all of my 3 offices are by appointment only. Best to phone me at
253 576-9541to schedule.

If you prefer to email me, please allow 36 hours for a response
The Trees Yoga & Healing Arts Center04 S. 348th St2blocks away; met

NOTE: ARCB-Board Certified Reflexologist Qualifications include two written exams; one practical exam; 90 documented reflexology sessions submitted for the American Reflexology Certification Board’s review.

Learning from Naturopath Hanne Marquardt, creator of Reflexotherapy, her unique method

of applying impulses to reflex areas 

Volunteer sessions for Washington Reflexology Association at South Sound Healthy Living Expo 

Post grad studies with Dr Jesus Manzanares

With South African presenter of Next Steps in Health & Healing Through the Feet Chris Stormer Fryer in Vancouver, WA  October 2017

My profile on LinkedIn TM


            ​My hope for all beings 

                (inspired by the Metta Prayer):

    May all beings have fresh air to breathe

    May all beings have clean water to drink

    May all beings have nourishing food to eat

    May all beings have adequate shelter

    May all beings be respected

    May my thoughts, words and actions today                      help to make this so.

                                                                                        Linda Frank


Now serving as a representative to the Reflexology Association of America Delegate Assembly. Formerly served as Vice President of the Washington Reflexology Association . 

Head to Heel Reflexology for Better Health, LLC

Post grad studies with Lisa Chan at American Academy of Reflexology

Post grad studies with Dorthe Krogsgaard

Dr. Manzanares explaining change in brain waves that occurs with Manzanares Method reflexology stimulation of feet